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Dental Implant in Hungary offers extensive guarantee options, to make you sure that nothing can go wrong!


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Empire Dental Clinic
H-9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Királyhidai u. 3. Hungary (Map)

Phone: 00 800 800 10 800

Tel./Fax: +36 96 208 208


Why to choose Dental Implant in Hungary?

Budapest, Hungary Besides implantology our dental clinic’s extensive services include cosmetic dentistry (zirconium crowns, bridges, inlays, veneers), oral surgery (bone grafting, sinus lifts), zoom2 professional teeth whitening, and general dental services such as composite fillings or root canal treatments.

We also provide premium services for free! This free package includes the consultation, a panoramic x-ray, a treatment plan and a price quote.

Are you still wondering why to choose Empire Dental? We guarantee that you can save up to 60% on your dental costs, you can meet a highly experienced, dynamic team and your cosmetic dental procedures are completed within 5 days!

At the clinic you enjoy the advantages of state-of-the-art technologies and an English speaking, professional staff. During your stay we provide you extensive support and assistance in a modern, friendly atmosphere. The 100% guarantee is a security, to ensure you that nothing would go wrong during your stay!

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